Dear Children’s Cottage Team, We wanted to give a big thank you to everyone for all the love, care and teaching that you have given to my son and our family. When we came to Children’s Cottage in January our family had been struggling at the previous preschool. My son, a barely potty trained 4 year old and still biting instead of using language was instantly accepted, loved and cared for. We noticed a difference in his behavior from the first day. As our family grew confident that we had him in the right place to grow up safely, we were able to relax and enjoy being his parents again. We want you to know how incredibly important and valuable you all are to our family. My son learned so much from you all. He loves to read and practice math problems. He enjoys homework and making science experiments at home. He has learned to control his emotions and plays better with his friends. He trusts that his teachers and his parents are doing what is best. Thank you for all you have done for us! Sincerely, J.O. in Napa


Let me just say that.......I cannot say enough about this SCHOOL. I truly believe that my son's were given some amazing teachers and caregivers. If I ever needed anything or was in a pinch, I knew my son's were protected, loved and well taken care of. The experience my son had with your teacher is a lifetime experience that he cherishes and remembers. He truly has a soft spot for his teachers. Both boys still share many stories from their days at the Cottage and still have hang on to their friendships from many of their class mates. If I had it in me to commute back to Napa, my second son Kadin would be with you this year. The small class size and the way they learned should be taught at every school and to me the money spent on their education is PRICELESS. If you have a child, please read this letter as it will make you think twice about your child's education and well being. I love all of you at Children's Cottage, Ray and Mary are AMAZING!
Christina K


Dear Mr. Welch: We are moving back to the Philippines next month so John will not be able to stay at Children's Cottage. I would lilke to express my gratitude for the time and attention you and your staff have afforded my son while in your care. John's speaking and communication skills, sociability, motor skills, creativity and appreciation for drawings, colors, and art have improved markedly over the year and a half he was in Children's Cottage. With the coaching your staff had provided him a stable learning foundation was provided to John, which I am sure will help him in the future. I am very impressed with your staff's teaching ability, as well as with the amount of care and attention they've given my son. John is very lucky to have been under Children's Cottage care for this duration of time. Sincerely, Jennifer Gatan


Dear Ray,
I guess since there is no "pre-school owners appreciation week" it takes the teacher appreciation week to remind me to say thank-you for all you do to provide a wonderful learning and growing environment for our kids. Our time with Children's Cottage is nearing an end and we want you to know how much we appreciate how you've essentially helped us raise Eli and Eden. Thank-you, thank-you. Words are simply insufficient. Please enjoy this Target gift card for the school or for yourselves as a small token of our appreciation. You guys are the best. We will continue to recommend you always.
With love, Vickie and Richard


When your child is in the care of others, no matter how competent and loving they are, you constantly worry about their well-being. As the parents of three children enrolled at Children's Cottage we'd like to share a story with you. My husband often works weekends which affords him the opportunity to occasionally take off a weekday and spend time with the kids. During this past spring break, he informed the kids one morning that they would spend the day at home with him. My daughter was so upset, "I want to go to Children's Cottage!" Our worries dissolved in an instant. Mary and Ray, thank you for being so reponsive to the needs of families and for treating us like friends. Thank you to all of the wonderful, intelligent, loving teachers!
Mike and Jill


Dear Children's Cottage,
Our daughters have been with Children's Cottage since they were preschool age. As our needs changed and developed, we found Ray and Mary and the whole of Children's Cottage to be supportive of our changing needs with a willingness and flexibility that have enabled our household to function smoothly knowing that our daughters are in a safe and nurturing environment. Because we now utilize Children's Cottage on a part-time basis, the flexibility they have been able to offer us has been a necessity. Ray and Mary have always been accommodating to the needs of our family and I will miss the security they offer when the girls "age out" of the program. Thanks again, Ray and Mary!
Leslie B


The Staff at Children’s Cottage are always kind, helpful and willing to work with our child’s needs and our’s. For instance, our son was afraid to take naps at school. Unfortunately, he was too young to verbalize what was causing his grief. After a few days, we realized what was upsetting him and explained it to Mary. Mary immediately took it upon herself to figure out a way to make it work. Our son now enjoys nap time by reading a book or playing quietly. It is evident that Mary, Ray and the Staff are flexible in their efforts to meet the needs of the individual child as well as the parent(s).
Tom & Dana


Appreciate means to be thankful or grateful for all the kind, loving things. We Appreciatie you for always taking care of Saskia and making sure she eats growing food, wears sunscreen, doesn't get too hot and drinks plenty of water. We see how deeply you love Saskia and all of the children. We never worry when she is in your care.....Thank-you for always keeping Saskia's best interests in mind. For rubbing Sassy's back at nap time and helping her keep her long hot hair out of her face. She pretends to be you all the time......Thanks for supporting the artist she is and having a passion for creativity. The art and song and rhythm that Saskia learns and shares with any audience who will listen is so key to her personality. We appreciate your gentle and tender spirit and ability to comfort and include our daughter.
Charles and Sondra


Exceptional Program I (We!) cannot thank you enough for the amazing months Luiza spent this past summer. She is now attending Alta Heights elementary school and already misses her "home away from home" place. We have a complicated life now and we are very fortunate to count on your school and program to give Luiza an emotional stability and education. Your school, staff, teachers and program are exceptional. Your dedication and love to these kids are obvious on the happy environment and smiles! Thank-you, thank-you for accepting our daughter these past years and providing her with beautiful memories! Let's keep in touch!
Love, Cristine and Larry.