Our Preschool

The large, light filled preschool room has different Learning Centers that focus on reading, math, science, and social development.

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Social/Emotional Development

Children are taught through purposeful interaction between students and staff, resulting in cooperative play, empathy for others, and positive problem solving techniques.

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Language Lessons

Our Program helps children become effective readers, writers, and communicators and prepares them for a successful elementary experience.

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Children are exposed to the concepts of number recognition, difference in size/volume, sequencing, and sorting. These concepts form the solid foundation to prepare for elementary school.

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Science Experiments

Our activity-based program explores our environment as we recognize weather and seasonal changes around us. We learn the responsibility of caring for and feeding our classrooms pets.

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Art & Music

Crafts projects encourage fine motor skill development as children learn to cut with scissors, hold a pencil or crayon correctly, or color within boundries. Music & movement expose children to fine arts and provide opportunities for self expression.

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Extensive research shows

Quality preschool programs, taught by well-trained teachers, improve not only readiness to learn, but also social skills that help children for a lifetime.