Children's Cottage is looking for people who are passionate about the care and education of young children. We have been serving Napa families for 25 years and we believe the ages of 0-5 years offer a critical and unique opportunity for growth and development. Our mission is to provide young children with a safe and loving environment structured to facilitate a future of lifetime learning.

Our Preschool and Infant Teachers have all taken Early Childhood and Education (ECE) classes at places like Napa Valley College.  Our lead teachers have a minimum of 12 ECE units which is at least 4 courses.  Our Preschool Teachers can have their own class with up to 12 children.  Our Infant Teachers care for up to 4 infants or toddlers.  We are open year-round, Monday through Friday.  Pay is based upon experience and training, usually $14-$17 /hr.  Benefits include health insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, and free preschool child care for your child.

Some people love children and have experience as a nanny or baby sitter. They may be interested in checking out a job or career in child care by starting out as a Teacher’s helper. Aides assist the main teacher in the classroom and on the playground.  They help serve snack and lunch, assist at circle time, help at nap time, and keep the classroom clean.  They are under the direction and supervision of the main Teacher.  Pay is based upon education and experience, usually $11.50-$12.50/hr. This pay will increase as they enroll in early childhood and education courses at an institution such as Napa Valley College.

Some people enjoy helping young children and want to spend a little time each week as an unpaid volunteer.  Like a teacher's aide, they help with indoor and outdoor activities and interact with the children as they take direction from the lead teacher to keep the day running smoothly.  This is a very rewarding experience for a senior citizen, teenager, or parent who wants to contribute to the care and education of youngsters.  Being a volunteer is also a good way to get a foot in the door and become a paid Teacher's aide down the road.

Sometimes people want to help with our gardening or landscaping to make our playgrounds and school grounds more beautiful.  Other people want to help with their handy-man skills with such things as painting, plumbing, or electrical projects.  There is always something to do in these areas and we love and appreciate your talents and experience!  Sometimes we pay for your help and experience and sometimes we work along side on a volunteer basis.  Either way the school is improved and the children win.  

Wherever you are in your life, it is always a good time to help care for and educate young children.  Whatever love and skills you give, it comes back to make a better future for our planet.  "A hundred years from now no one will care what kind of care I drove, the clothes I wore, or the kind of the house I lived in.  But the world will be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child."

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