Children's Cottage serves children from birth through kindergarten

We are open year-round Monday through Friday 7 AM until 6 PM.

We accept applications throughout the year for immediate or future enrollment.


Preschool Monthly Tuition:  2 years to 6 years old        

  • 5 Reg Days (Mon-Fri)  $960/month      
  • 4 Reg Day Schedule     $860/month
  • 3 Reg Day Schedule     $760/month
  • 2 Reg Day Schedule     $660/month
  • Drop-in $90/day if space is available

"Half Day" Preschool Monthly Tuition:  2 years to 6 years old

  • 5 Half Days (Mon-Fri)  $760/month      
  • 4 Half Day Schedule     $680/month
  • 3 Half Day Schedule     $620/month
  • 2 Half Day Schedule     $560/month
  • Drop-in $75/day if space is available

Infants & Toddlers:  Birth to 24 months old

We have one care giver for every 3-4 babies for very personal care.  At this young age we do not know if your baby may have any food allergies so parents provide all the food and formula for their infant.  Mothers are encouraged to breast feed if they want to and are able to during the day.  We provide baby wipes and parents provide baby's diapers.  We have found that the more days baby is at the center each week the faster they will bond with the care givers and get accustomed to their surroundings.

Infant Monthly Tuition

Birth - 24 months

  • 5 Day Schedule  $1640/month
  • 4 Day Schedule   $1480/month
  • 3 Day Schedule   $1340/month
  • 2 Day Schedule   $1080/month
  • Drop-in $145 if space is available


Annual Registration is $100 and is non-refundable.  Get 50% off registration with our internet pre-register special.

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  There is a $25 late fee if not paid by the 5th of the month.

We accept checks, cash, Debit Cards, eChecks, most credit cards & recurring ACH Debits.

If you set up recurring monthly ACH Debits you have 4 options for monthly tuition payments: 

  • Once on the 1st
  • Once on the 15th
  • Twice on the 1st & 15th
  • Twice on the 5th & 20th.

If tuition is not paid by the 20th of the month, child will not be permitted to attend the following month until all tuition and fees have been received.  

Children's Cottage reserves the right to terminate enrollment should an account not be paid in full by the end of each month.

Enrollment may be terminated by parent if parent gives the center a written 2 week notice. 

Center may terminate enrollment with a 1-week notice if center determines program is not meeting the child's needs.

Families will receive a 10% discount for each additional older child enrolled with us as long as their account remains current.

After 6 months, families may take a week vacation and not pay when their child does not attend. 

Limit 1 week vacation per calendar year. 

Parents pay the same tuition if their child is sick or does not attend since we hold their spot for them.    Tuition remains the same for the few times that we close throughout the year for holidays. After 6 months enrollment families may take a vacation week when their child will not be attending. Limit 1 week per year.